The Best Choice of Motorcycle Purchase for You

Before you start planning a motorcycle purchase, you have to ask yourself two questions. The first: “Is it really necessary to buy a motorcycle?” It is possible to substitute for the use of other transportation (bus, car, taxi and etc.), it may be a good reason to avoid spending on buying a new motorcycle.

The second is: “What am I going to use it for?” You have to give a reason for buying the bike: will it be used to get back and forth from college? To work? To travel? A  visit to makes the best choice.

Tips for buying used motorcycle without falling into pranks

By answering this question, you have a starting point for choosing the category as you need to assess your needs to choose the best model.

  • Have you thought about buying a motorcycle and leaving it in the garage because you didn’t buy the one that meets your needs? So, it is therefore necessary to reflect the reason for buying the motorcycle and avoid regrets.
  • After answering these two questions, you can rest assured to plan other factors for buying new motorcycle.

Time to plan to buy the bike

It is a mistake to think that just taking into consideration the value of the motorcycle installments to plan the purchase: this is just a kick at the time of purchase. It still has maintenance, fuel, parking, motorcycle insurance, compulsory insurance and many others.

Financial conditions

To buy a new motorcycle, you need to write down the possible expenses before you even make the purchase, and all amounts should not exceed one third of your total budget.

Check Your Financial Situation: Are You In Debt, Blue or Reserved?

If you are in debt, check the real need to buy a motorcycle: with an extra debt, it will be difficult to keep track of the monthly budget.

For those in blue, do the math the same way and make sure that with spending the account will close at the end of the month. Be aware that with some reserve value, it is better to add a portion of the amount to give the view and reduce the installments.

Now if you have reservations it is a beautiful time to make the purchase. However, see if you have all the necessary value to pay the motorcycle in sight, if not, it is interesting to add even more not to suffer from the interest on the financing.

By checking your financial situation, it is possible to know what price range to buy the bike. Remember not to overstep the price limit you entered so as not to curl up later.


Some expenses are extremely necessary after buying a motorcycle. So you need to make sure that they will all fit your monthly budget. See below some of them:

  • IPVA is a state-level Motor Vehicle Property Tax, which is payable each year
  • The CRLV or Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate is a payment also made every year, guaranteeing the right of your motorcycle to circulate on the country’s roads
  • The DPVAT (Personal Injury Insurance caused by Motorways of the Roads) is also held every year, guaranteeing all the compensation of traffic victims. See here more about the DPVAT Moto
  • Parking is an option for many motorcyclists to protect the motorcycle as leaving the motorcycle on the street is unreliable
  • Fuel is an extremely necessary and indispensable expense, so make a table approximating the amount you should spend per week or month