Steps to fix paint chips on vehicles

When you don’t pay attention to the chips and dings on your paint, they turn out to be bigger issue- rust. But, you can always repair it and get away with the imperfection before it gets too late. So, you should immediately get in touch with a professional to get the right service. Here is a step by step guide for paint chip repair Edmonton

Things you need paint chip repair on a car

You will come across several auto touch-up paints at an auto store. But, it is important to know your car’s year, make, model to get the right paint for it. If you have a white vehicle, there is just one white. But, if you don’t know which color number your car has, then it is important to find it first. Buy a small touch-up paint bottle as well as an auto primer. Also remember not to repair your car under direct sunlight or when the temperature is below 10 degrees C.

Step 1: First of all, clean the car paint chips

It is a normal rock chip which you can fix through these steps. Even if the chip is 1/4th the size of a dime, it can easily be repaired easily. Just use soap and water to clean it and then use a cotton cloth to dry it. Rub some car polishing compound on the chip to soften the harsh points. Don’t rub too much or it may damage the coat on the paint.

Step 2: Secondly, use alcohol to clean it further

Use some denatured alcohol to clean it. But don’t put too much alcohol. Just some wipes with a cotton fiber cloth may do justice. The alcohol will help in the removal of wax as well as remaining grime. 

Step 3: Put the primer

Not put some primer with the help of butt end of a paper match. Put it all over the chip by just dabbing the surrounding pint’s edges. Allow the primer to dry for an hour at least. 

Step 4: Lastly, paint the chip

Now put some paint on the primer coat of the car. But make sure that you test the color on paper first to ensure that it matches perfectly with the car. The test will provide you the surety that paint is perfect. It will also tell you the amount of paint you need to put on the applicator brush. Now after an hour, put the second coat. Allow the paint to cure in some day and then rub it out gently with the help of polishing compound to cover the repair edges.

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