Things to know about spare parts and maintenance of two-wheeler

It is a general tendency to maintain the two-wheeler in a good condition after purchasing it. The user should take care of the two-wheeler from the initial stage itself. Here are some tips to know about the essential parts of any two-wheeler and maintenance of some basic spare parts

Bikes with good engine:

The top speed of a motorcycle is dependent on engine displacement and performance. The number of the cylinder also has a major impact on its performance. There is a wide range of the xtreme 200s review. Bike lovers mostly choose the best 200cc bike in India 2019. The desire of riders should not only end with purchasing a better two-wheeler but also maintain it properly. Regular inspection and servicing of the engine every four to six months are essential for the longevity of any two-wheeler.

Maintain better suspension:

Scooters need more maintenance because they provide all the comfort to flaunt styles. Women riders look for low height scooty for ladies. Nowadays scooters with telescopic suspension and soft seats, make the comfortable low height scooty for ladies. Riders should replace the rear shock and refill the fork oil in the front ones. And also check the gas-charged rear suspension at the back for a good ride.

Brakes and tyres:

Brakes and tyres are some important components of a two-wheeler. There are two types of breaks, disk brakes, and drum brakes. Different thread patterns are designed on the tyre’s surface to ensure grip and friction with the road. Maintaining an optimum tyre pressure help to balance the bike and also increases fuel efficiency. When the tires start flattening, changing them is necessary. Check the conditions of brake pads and also check the alignment of discs.


Engine oil thickens due to carbon deposits created by drag in the movement of engine internals. And also the dust can clog up the air filter so it is recommended to be changed regularly at frequent intervals. The oiling of chains, hinges, and levers allow free movement. The chain should be well lubricated having the right amount of slack. An accelerator is another important component that is used to speed up the vehicle. Headlamp and tail lamp assist the rider on the road. It is used for clear visibility on road during night and foggy conditions.

Fuel tank and exhaust pipe:

Regular tune-ups and servicing to keep the engine running smoothly reduces petrol bills. The capacity of the fuel tank can range between 5 to 15 litres for a two-wheeler. The fuel tank should be cleaned regularly to avoid rust as it can react with petrol to form a dangerous combination. Baking soda and white vinegar can also be used to clean the bike’s fuel tank. It is very dangerous to ride a two-wheeler with a choked exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly and be ensured that there is no rusting at its surface.

The bottom line:

It is very common to know about the common two-wheeler parts and maintaining procedures. Following some basic maintenance activities keeps the ride in top share and is safe and sure. Also procuring comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies keeps vehicles financially secured against adversities.