Different Storage for Different Vehicles

Just like you wouldn’t use a bookshelf to store your clothes or a pencil box to sort your trophy collection, different types of storage also applies to different types of vehicles. Whether you need storage for your ute or van, it’s important to find a company that caters to that specific type of vehicle. What’s even more important is making sure it caters to the life you live with it.

For example, if you like fishing, you might want a single drawer unit for your ute that will allow you to store your gear and tackle along with a fridge for all of the caught fish that you’ll bring home! However, if you use the ute to shuffle your toolbox and assorted construction items back and forth, then you might want to use a two drawer unit with some dividers to manage it all.

If you primarily use your ute for long road trips or camping adventures, you might want to invest in a storage system with a holder for a fridge so your perishable food items can stay fresh.

However, if you are running a small business from your van, then you’ll need a different set of storage entirely. Having a false floor with a set of double drawers underneath it can really help you hold both the larger items on the top and smaller items on the bottom inside the drawers. Once again these come with dividers and they can be removed to add even more storage space if and when you need it.

Having the storage hidden under a false floor also helps keep your van looking professional if you only need to manage the back of the van and have extra items in the drawers. That way you can feel confident about showing people the back of the van if you need too.

Companies like Best Off Road specialise in van storage options if that’s what you drive, and some Best Off Road products include side van drawers. They can be handy if you have items that you always need and no places to put them, or extra items or papers that can’t fit anywhere else. The drawers hold 150 kg and are available at a variety of different heights to accommodate the size of your van.

There are even van shelving units that line the sides of your van and can show off your products to the world. Just open the van door and start loading and unloading your products into any of the shelves. If you are in the business where organisation is the key and the speed with which you load or unload products is important, then getting van shelves can be a major stepping stone into increasing your speed.

There are several ways for you to customise your vehicle to make sure it maximises the storage space and fits the life you want to live without any trouble. So think about the type of person you want to be and the type of vehicle you want to drive, and turn your vehicle into that.