Know the New Fines for Not Having Valid Bike Insurance

Several people prefer two-wheelers over public transportation these days. They make your daily commute more comfortable and faster. Though your two-wheeler needs maintenance it has several benefits to have a two-wheeler for your commute. If you own a two-wheeler you need several documents to support your possession of the same.

Some of the necessary documents include Registration papers, driving license, PUC, bike insurance and others. Possession of these documents is mandatory while you drive the vehicle. The recent law suggests hefty fines for breaking these rules.

Here is a list of penalties levied by the government for breaking these rules:

  1. Violating Parking Rules: Rs 500 is charged for violating parking rules in a city. It is important to check twice before parking your two-wheelers otherwise it can be towed.
  2. Documents: Rs 500 are charged if a driver does not carry documents of the vehicles with them. The materials include driving license, bike insurance, PUC, registration papers, and more. It is essential to take the hard copies of these documents or soft photographs of them on the ‘Digilocker’ app.
  3. Unauthorized Drivers: Rs 2000 is charged if an unlicensed driver is driving the vehicle. Illegal drivers include underage candidates and others
  4. Driving without Driving License: Rs 2000 is charged if a driver is caught driving without a license. It is vital to carry your driving license while you drive
  5. Excessive Speed: Rs 1500 is the amount fined to drivers who are caught driving at an excessive speed. Speed limits are specified at different places for different sizes of vehicles. It is essential to follow these rules to protect the traffic harmony of the city and avoid fines
  6. Emotionally or Physically Unfit Drivers: Rs 1000 is charged if the driver is found to be physically or emotionally unfit while driving a two-wheeler. It is vital for the drivers to make sure they are okay enough to operate and are safe of themselves and others on the road
  7. The number of passengers: Rs 100 is charged if the driver is carrying more than one passenger on the vehicle other than himself. It is deemed unsafe to be driving with more people on one two-wheeler. It is a common phenomenon in India where entire families drive on single two-wheelers
  8. Not wearing helmets: Rs 500 is charged if a driver is caught riding his or her two-wheeler with a helmet. It is imperative to wear a helmet while you are driving since protection to your head is necessary in the case of accidents
  9. Failure to give passage to emergency vehicles: Rs 1000 is fined if a driver is found to be failing to provide passage to the emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and others. These vehicles need to reach their destinations in emergency, and it is crucial that all drivers give them a free passage

There are several fines for different two-wheelers, as well. It is essential to have your bike insurance, PUC certificate, Registration certificate, and avoid these hefty fines. With insurance companies like Bharti AXA and others pitching in to educate and spread awareness about the same, the day might not be far away when we have safer and better roads in our country.