How To Apply Ceramic Coating On Your Own (Diy)


There is no need to be ridiculous; everyone loves to save a few bucks. So, adding a ceramic coat for your car’s ceramic paint protection by yourself is not a bad idea. You can do that to get your hands to work or to save some money. As you probably know, the ceramic coating is a kind of car coating that preserves the paint by forming an extra layer of protection which bonds directly to the paint’s surface without any chemical alteration. Here are four steps to apply the ceramic paint protection by yourself. 

Clean your car’s paint: 

You will be applying your ceramic coating of choice to your car’s paint. To make sure of the effectiveness of the coat, you have to clean the existing paint’s surface to be free of dirt and sand. The presence of harsh particles on your car paint will damage and break the effectiveness of the coat. Hence, you should get a suitable washing solvent and a gentle, yet thorough material such as a foam canon wash and a microfiber towel. 

Decontaminate the surface: 

Get a very mild chemical solvent decontaminant, compatible with your paint. Wipe it across the surface; it will remove iron deposits, among other things. Iron filings and particles will hinder the perfect application of your ceramic coating. Since you want to avoid particles, this is better done in a garage, a shed, or an open space with little physical activity that would upset dust.

Remove oil-based stains: 

To ascertain the removal of all forms of impurity, use an isopropyl alcohol solution to wipe your car’s surface. You can get that at a car shop or supermarket. Oil removal helps the bonding of ceramic coating on the paintwork of your vehicle. 

Apply your nano-ceramic coating: 

Get your gloves on and prep your applicator and application shield. The applicator which has a block and a soft foam above it and its shield usually come in the same package with the ceramic coating. So, you would wrap the shield around the applicator block, and then you apply the ceramic coating on the applicator (overlaid with the shield) in two longitudinal lines. Once done, facially mark out smaller sections of your car and rub in the nanocoating. About 2X2 feet should do. You can do that forth and back, and sideways, for about 30-45 seconds. After about 5 seconds, wipe the coated surface with a good microfiber towel. For utmost effect, let it dry for about 9-13 hours, and that it.


  • The car ceramic paint coating has a strong smell, so, you would do well to have a nose mask as you work.
  • Do not use the towel used to clean off the coat to clean your car again; the absorbed chemical could damage your vehicle’s paint.