What are the Dangers You are Exposed to When Your Car Window is Not Tinted?

Federal agencies don’t authorize tinted windows as it empowers crimes. For the very reason, extremely dark tinted windows are illegal. Although, lightly tinted windows can still be used. You might be wondering it would be better if I put no tint at all. Know that it can expose you to various dangers which you aren’t aware of. We have listed a few of them to keep you on a safer side.


  • The heat can damage the interiors


When the tint is applied to the windows by Tech Teinte, less amount of sunlight enters the car and hence, interiors are not impacted or heated as much as they have if there were no tint at all. Tint avoids the car from turning into an oven and you would prefer to change more if you live in a place which turns excruciatingly scalding in the summer time. Applying tint is comfortable after longer parking durations in the sun and avoids the interiors from fading and seat covers from being ruined.


  • Security and privacy


Leaving your valuables in the car should be prevented as they only act as an invitation to the car thieves. Tinted windows shouldn’t be deemed an excuse in any way to leave your valuables in your car and if you forget something in by mistake, tinted windows are the best way to keep the theft at bay for quite a while.


  • Shattered windows


Every car uses tempered glass for windows and laminated glass for windshield purposes that renders them shatter proof and safe. When you have your windows tinted, it adds another safety net. Just in case, if anyone hurls a stone or a heavy object on your car, it can act as a greater resistance when there are tinted glass as that tint put on the windows is nothing but a large sticker. It wouldn’t break like glass but it would add more to your safety.


  • Blinding glare


The glare reflected from shining objects outside the car can impact your vision significantly. This is probably the biggest reasons why you find it difficult to drive. Apart from impacting the driving and putting you and other passengers at risk on a sunny day, it can affect your eye sight significantly in the long run as well.

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