What Each Military Branch Does

Civilians are often unfamiliar with what the different branches of the military do, or only know what they see in movies, television shows, or the news. Here are some of the main responsibilities of each branch of the military.

1. Air Force

The Air Force flies planes for the country both at home and abroad. The very skilled pilots who come out of the Air Force sometimes make a living flying commercially after their time in the military is over. In addition to pilots, there are doctors, engineers, and computer specialists who are employed by the Air Force. There are also many mechanics, who keep the aircraft operating by replacing the military fasteners distributors and all other components required for planes to fly safely.

2. Navy

The Navy uses the best ships to help protect the country while on oceans and other bodies of water. Navy SEALs are one of the most well-known and elite forces within this branch of the military.

3. Army

As the oldest branch of the military, dating back to the Revolutionary War, the Army is mostly seen on land and in the air. The Rangers are one of many groups within the Army that receive extremely demanding training.

4. Marines

The Marines are usually the first branch of the military to go into armed conflict when such arises. They also serve to protect Naval ships and bases around the world.

5. Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is in charge of defending the country’s ports, waterways, and coastal areas. While this may seem similar to what the Navy does, the responsibilities of the Coast Guard are very different. While they can engage in conflict when needed, the Coast Guard focuses on search and rescue, watching for drug smuggling, and maintaining the natural environment.

Consider these responsibilities of each military branch when you read about them in the news.