Key Comparison: MG Hector Plus vs XUV 700

Today, as technology progresses in finding new and improved ways to add to the many luxuries of life, the automobile industry is among the ones making the most use of it. Introducing the latest variants and features everyday, cars are now more irresistible than ever, as is evident by the current debate about MG Hector Plus vs XUV700. MG Hector Plus is one of the latest variants by Morris Garages, a British car brand that has been around ever since the 1920s. XUV700, on the other hand, is the latest addition to Mahindra’s XUV series that has been extremely popular among the masses since 2011.


As people only want to invest in the best when it comes to huge purchases like cars, it is important to examine every aspect before choosing the best one for you. Here are some key points to make a fair comparison of MG Hector Plus vs XUV700:

  • Interior Space
  • MG Hector Plus: Interior space is one of the most important things in any car as it is something you will need to use quite a lot. An ample amount of interior space makes the car feel more spacious and MG Hector Plus provides plenty of it. It has a high interior space capable of holding up to 150+ litres in total.
  • XUV700: The XUV700 model has a wider build as compared to the MG Hector Plus variant, which allows you to make use of all that space as interior space. While specific details about the interior space capacities of this car are not yet available, experts suggest that it has a larger interior space because of the previously mentioned reasons.

  • Mileage

  • MG Hector Plus: High mileage in any car is very important to ensure you are always ready for any situation. By not burning off fuel too quickly, cars can have their engine running smoothly for longer and MG Hector Plus gives a good mileage of 17 kmpl. It can give you up to 20 kmpl while driving on the highway.
  • XUV700: The Mahindra XUV series is very well known for giving high mileage and the same holds true for this variant, too. With a high mileage of upto 23 kmpl, this is one of the best cars to go on long drives with your family, friends and other loved ones.

  • Features:

  • MG Hector Plus: This car has a plethora of fun features that will show you a good time on your ride. These include a panoramic sunroof, 10.4-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and iOS CarPlay for the infotainment system, an 8 speaker sound system, automatic climate control, wireless charging and many more.
  • XUV700: This latest Mahindra model has all the available features in the MG Hector Plus model along with upgrades like automatic climate control in dual-zone, 12 speaker sound system, drive modes, digital instrumental console and 10.25-inch touchscreen with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, etc, leaving no doubt of its efficiency.

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