What You Need To Know About Improving Your Gas Mileage

Whether you drive a moped, a minivan, or an eighteen-wheeler, you are likely interested in preserving your gas mileage. Gas prices can fluctuate at almost a moment’s notice, and when prices creep up it can give any driver feelings of anxiety. Read on for a little help in getting the most mileage out of your tank.

Look Into Newer Technology

Improvements in auto and fueling technology have led to cleaner, safer, and more efficient vehicles. Even replacing seemingly small parts like a diesel fuel inline sight glass or a simple spark plug can make a difference toward fuel efficiency. 

Reduce Unnecessary Weight

The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it will take to move. This is true for tiny sports cars and big rigs alike. Clear out the back seat for a quick boost in gas mileage, and remove unneeded add-ons from the outside of your vehicle. Things like Roof racks and bicycle holders can create drag and make your vehicle have to work harder to reach high speeds.

Find the Speed Sweet Spot

Usually, cars and trucks reach the greatest fuel efficiency between 45 and 50 miles per hour. Any faster and gas mileage starts to decrease, and wide variations in speed make mileage worse as well. Stick to the speed limit and use cruise control when safe to drive like a pro and save some gas along the way.

Use Gas To Go

Idling in a car or truck can be an enormous waste of precious gas. It even uses more fuel than restarting the vehicle would, and it emits almost double the pollution of a moving automobile. It’s better to shut off the engine and keep your gas from being sucked away doing nothing.

Whether you’re looking to conserve gas to be kinder to the environment or nicer on your wallet, you can’t go wrong with saving a little fuel here and there. These tips can help you increase your mileage and make your trips that much more satisfying.