Emergency Car Issues to Be Handled Only by Auto Repair Shops

Cars are our assets that ease out our stress of transportation. But when they themselves get stressed out, we need to take good care of them. Like any other mechanism, cars get out of order as well. While some of these issues can be the result of ill maintenance, others can happen just accidentally, and in most cases, they do get damaged because of a road accident. In such times of emergency, it is only the auto repair shops on which we can rely upon.

So, here we will focus only on those emergency issues caused to the vehicles, that can only be handled by the auto repair shops, and never should be tried to be fixed at home, following any DIY tricks. We felt this important since the mechanics of our nearby auto repair shop strongly criticized our unsuccessful attempt to deal with one such emergency issues with our car at home, after which we had to surrender to this said auto repair shop.

Unresponsive Brakes

The brake system is the primary component of safety and control of any vehicle. This is a part that can wreck lives of people if it goes out of control. So, the first thing the mechanics will suggest you never to try fixing at home, is the brake.

If you feel, the brakes of your car is not responding in time to your inputs as it is supposed to, there cannot be any more moments of trial and error, to deal with it. The vehicle should be hurried to the nearest auto repair shop, without being driven but being towed.

Unresponsive brakes mean, when your car is not slowing down or showing any sign of stopping, when you apply the brakes. Other issues with the brakes include a spongy feeling below the feet when you apply the brake. At times, the brake pedal might feel too hard to be pressed, as if it is refusing to do its job. There can also be a squealing sound coming out of the car, whenever you are trying to apply the brakes.

In case of any or, all of these symptoms, the only way to safeguard your own lives as well as others is to call a roadside assistance to tow your car to the nearest auto repair shop. These are sure signs of danger that can only be handled by a trained professional using high end machinery.

Sputtering Sound from the Engine

A senior auto expert from the auto repair shop San Luis Obispo suggested that after key starting the engine, if you hear a sputtering sound, it is a sign that the ignition system of the engine is misfiring. It happens when the car fails to inhale good amount of fresh air because of a faulty oxygen sensor or a damaged exhaust system. This is a clear indication that the combustion chamber where the engine keeps burning the fuel is in danger, that can also trigger a fire to the vehicle. So, after hearing such sounds, one must not try to solve the issues of his own but consult an auto repair shop to bring back the car into its usual condition.