Service your Car; Keep things smooth

The difference between a smooth, fuel-efficient car and a car that breaks down too often is just the maintenance and upkeep. If you are regularly servicing your car, your car runs smooth and easy. Whereas if you avoid car servicing, minor maintenance not done on time can lead to major repairs later, which will cost you a fortune. As such, you should make sure your car is regularly serviced and maintained. The schedule of service is given by the car manufacturer and also depends on the age and the running of the car. But if you are in doubt, you can visit the nearest car service centre in Burwood and get your car examined for the best service plan for your vehicle.

Car Service Checklists & Types

Car and Auto Service Centers in Burwood have a standard checklist for your car repairs. They check your car on these prescribed norms and checklists and accordingly determine if any part, component or function requires a repair or service. Servicing of most cars is done under the following categories:

Interim Service:

As per the interim service checklist, engine oil change, oil filter change, and wheel net torque need to be changed. This also includes top-up of clutch fluid, brake fluid level, steering reservoir and windscreen washer as per requirements. Car Service Stations in Burwood also perform checks on other parts of your vehicle and any additional changes are then communicated to you beforehand. So that you are aware of the additional costs that you may incur.Looking for a wide range of high-grade automated fluid dispensing or UV curing equipment? Check out Technodigm today for more information on such equipment.

Full Service:

This service covers all the checks covered in an interim service along with some other additional checks, changes, and replacements if any. Replacements include air filter replacement that is done based on your car mileage and manufacturer. These additional checks include checks and top-ups of your car coolant, the clutch and the gearbox fluid, axle oils and battery units. Based on guidelines provided by your car manufacturer all these top-ups are done.

So visit an Auto Service Station in Burwood today to know what service your vehicle needs and fix things before it gets too late.

Never Neglect Car Servicing

Even though car servicing is always not on the top of the priority list of most of the car users, it is a must. Having your car in its best condition has more pros to count than any cons. Yes, car servicing does cost you money if it is outside the manufacturer provided a warranty, but that money spent is money saved in the long run. Moreover, servicing your cars regularly ensures your car is in good condition to take on the roads whenever necessary without compromising on safety. And once on road, your car will give you the best fuel efficiency thereby saving on your large fuel bills. With increased efficiency and proper maintenance, your beloved car lasts longer than any other car, thus enhancing the life and longevity.

So visit your nearest Car and Auto Service Station in Burwood today and get your car serviced by experts.