Steps for Safe and Trouble-free motorcycle transport

Shipping your motorbike becomes essential in several instances. Relocating from one end of the country to another or if you have sold your motorcycle and have to ship it to the buyer domestically or internationally are some of the possibilities. Further, if you love to go on long cruises but do not want to drive down to the starting point which is quite some distance away, you will have to transport your bike to that point and back on the return journey. In between, you can hit the desired adventure trails bright and fresh and raring to go.

The advantage of motorcycle transport is that companies specializing in this field take care of the whole process – from packing to transport to doorstep delivery if requested. Their trucks have exclusive fittings that guarantee damage-free delivery of your motorbike at the destination.

Even though transport agencies promise end-to-end deliveries, it is advisable that you take a few preliminary steps to make sure that your motorcycle is ready for transport. It will ensure that in case of any damage to your bike, you have all the necessary documents and proof to submit claims to the insurance agencies.

Here are a few precautions that you should take before handing over your bike to the transport company.

  • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly of dirt, grease, smudges, and dirt. There are many advantages to it as will be seen subsequently. Do it yourself and don’t leave this work to the transport agency as they will charge you for it.
  • Keep a track of existing physical damages and even the smallest scratches and dents visible after cleaning. It will help you later in submitting claims to the insurance company in case of any damage during motorcycle transport. This should be done by photographing the bike from every angle with a special focus on the dents and marks. Have the photos auto-date stamped for authenticity and later reference.
  • Just like the physical state of your bike, document all the mechanical issues too for similar reasons.
  • Remove all accessories and add-ons on your bike. These might get damaged during transport. Pack them separately in a cardboard box with bubble wrap and send it along with the bike in transport.
  • Drain the tank partly if it is full to avoid spillage during shipping. Keep enough fuel to ride to the nearest gas station at the destination point after taking delivery of your bike.
  • Check the provisions of your existing insurance policy. Does it cover for any loss or damage during shipping and whether accessories are covered too? If not, the shipping company will take care of these aspects. Many have a comprehensive insurance cover that takes into account all bikes being transported by them.

The next point to consider is the mode of transport. There are two options before you.

  • Pallet shipment – You will get pallets in various sizes. Get one in which your motorcycle will fit in and strap it securely inside. Some pallets are made exclusively for motorcycle transport with cutouts to place the wheels in for added safety. The pallet with your bike can then be dispatched on a flatbed.
  • Direct shipment – You can book your bike on trucks that are specially made for motorcycles and scooters with strategically place eye-bolts on the floors. Bikes are securely strapped down to these bolts and sent on air trailers to minimize the effect of jerks and movement during the journey.

The benefit of direct shipment is that these trucks ply constantly on pre-fixed routes and hence if your destination is on their way, your bike will be delivered faster than a palletized consignment.

Your bike is your favorite mean machine. Hence, only avail the services of a well-known and experienced motorcycle transport agency to ship your bike.