The chariot of the public – Bus

Whether it is to Travel the city limits with small fares or travel outstation to meet family and friends the public chariot is here to make every passenger reach their destination.

These chariots are long and rectangular. They are covered and have a roof. They are big and almost resemble a moving home. Ofcouee there is no denying that it is the home for certain hard working travelling individuals.

However, this is not called a chariot of the public. It is rather termed and given a very short term called the bus. The bus has been serving people as public transport from time immemorial.

The term Bus is a clipped term form of the Latin adjective omnibus which means for all.  This vehicle was initially called with a full name in French voiture omnibus which means a vehicle for all.

Indeed it is rightly coined as a vehicle for all because it carries all types of passengers indiscriminately. The bus transport is a basic public transport all around the world and it is widely popular among all humans. Even the most remote villages of the world have been given access to bus facilities.

Types of a bus:

Buses are generally public transport used by people. They are the basic mode of transport for the proletariats. Buses are generally large and long to fit many passengers within. Some types of bus are overhead extra container or deck with seats. This type of double container bus is called a double-decker bus

 Single deck bus is a normal bus. It is the commonly seen type that is used widely everywhere. It has a single cell with rows of seats adjacent to each other. The maximum capacity it can hold is 60 to 70 people.

 The double deck bus is more loads bearing; it has more wheels to support weight and also more horsepower. It has a deck above the lower cell. The upper deck has almost equal seats as the lower one but it is a little limited when compared to the lower deck.

These types of bus offer more capacity and efficient transport. It is widely used in many metropolitan cities around the globe.

The third type is the minibus. It has a single deck and a smaller size. It is used for short distance transport. It provides services within the city limits only. It also has less capacity to carry passengers as the size of the bus is very small.

Now the last type of bus is very interesting. The house bus or the cabin bus, this is a special type of bus used for personal purposes. It is widely used by nomadic travellers who love to travel. They don’t usually own houses or have given up the idea of staying in one place for a long time. Hence they use these cabin buses that provide accommodation along with locomotion. They are specially designed to resemble homes. Just like normal houses, they have a bed, a kitchen and a loo.

These are quite bigger than the normal passenger buses in order to facilitate the inner ambience of a home.

Some of these cabin buses are extravagant and are used by celebrities and rich people to comfort their road trip.

These buses are very exemplary and have more than what it needs to be a cabin bus. They have the interiors of a star hotel and all the facilities of luxury accommodation.

Some of these luxury cabin bus have Playstations, verandas, open out barbeque areas and what more, anything that can be accommodated into. Whereas some cabin buses are simple and offer basic home needs.

They have all the basic interiors that are present at home and most importantly it can be taken anywhere. What’s more relaxing than having a very own home that can be taken anywhere. No need to worry about finding hotels and getting shocking bills. These cabin houses are there to the rescue.