5 Steps To Take After a Vehicle Accident

Dealing with the aftermath of a vehicle accident can be stressful, especially since information needs to be gathered only moments after the collision. You can keep a clear head and understand what you can do to help yourself, those individuals in the car with you, and others at the scene. Here are some helpful tips in dealing with the accident site.

  1. Information

Right after phoning the police, it is vital to get the other driver’s insurance information, license number, and contact information before you move the vehicles. Make sure you identify which person was driving because passengers sometimes lie and claim they were driving to benefit their friends.

  1. Medical Care

Check everyone in your vehicle for injuries. If someone has been hurt, call for an ambulance. If you are the one that is injured, seek medical care immediately. The police officer will create an accident report with enough information for your insurance company.

  1. Pictures

Take pictures! Photos of the accident scene, both vehicles, and the other driver can all be essential in proving your claim. Remember to photograph skid marks and eyewitnesses.

  1. Repairs

Take your vehicle to an Arlington WA car repair shop right after the accident. Your insurance company can recommend a repair shop, but the choice is yours. Select the one you trust and let your agent know who to contact for the repair information, including costs.

  1. Attorney

Contact an attorney to handle the claim for you. Once you hand the case over to your lawyer, you no longer have to worry about anything but taking care of yourself, especially if you were injured. Both insurance companies will work with your attorney once the claim is filed.

Use the hints listed above if you have questions about what to do after a vehicle collision. You can take control of the situation and get the information your attorney and insurance agent need.