Tips for going to and from an airport when going on holiday

In the United Kingdom, there are over forty airports. Some of them are listed among the busiest airports in Europe. When travelling in the UK on holiday, getting to and from the airport can be the most stressful part of the trip. Here are some tips for going to and from the airport when going on holiday.

Airport Taxi

An airport taxi service is a good option if you don’t mind spending a little extra money. A driver will take you directly to the airport terminal from wherever you request to be picked up from. Most services guarantee the arrival of a chauffeur within 20 minutes before your scheduled pickup. Sufficient time will be allowed to account for any traffic delay, so you will always be on time.


Taking the bus can be an inexpensive method of travelling. In the UK, there are hundreds of inexpensive daily transfers to the airport. The problem with the bus is that it usually takes longer. If the bus is on schedule, everything will be alright, but if it’s late, you could be nervously standing at the bus stop wondering when it will arrive. If the weather conditions are not favourable, you could also be exposed to the rain or other weather elements.


You could drive yourself to the airport, maintaining control of the time you leave and the route you take. Driving yourself keeps you from paying another transport service, but you could ultimately pay more because of the cost of parking. How much it cost depends upon how long you leave your car parked at the airport. Another advantage is that your car will be there when you return. You won’t need someone to come and pick you up.


Another option in getting to the airport is to take the train. Express trains operate from London stations to the airports daily. The trains depart every 15 minutes. The only problem is that you will need transportation to get to the train station. Upon arrival at the airport, a shuttle bus will transport you from the train station to the terminal. It’s a short two-minute ride, and the buses run every three minutes.

Regardless of the method of travel to the airport, you must leave in enough time to allow for any unforeseen delays. Your situation will dictate the transportation method that’s best for you.