Choosing a Boat Trailer That Pulls Its Weight (and More) With Your Car

If you own a powerboat that you do not keep in the water year-round, you need a trailer. A good trailer will allow you to transport your boat to either local or distant lakes for recreating, or it may act as a support during storage. Buying a trailer is not as straightforward as you might think; however, choosing the right one will give you years of use. Float these ideas for choosing a trailer that will best fit your needs.

Choose Your Trailer Type

Two kinds of trailers predominate. Bunk trailers have flat blocks attached to the frame, usually covered in carpet, that support the boat. Roller trailers use wheels instead of blocks. You back bunk trailers far into the water so that the boat floats free when unloading. With roller trailers, you need to back only partially into the water because the boat can glide off the rollers. Rollers are more convenient but also more expensive.

Consider Your Seller

Having focused on your trailer choice, you can narrow down your list of sellers. You may find a private party sells a trailer that somewhat suits your needs. However, a trailer service Pennsylvania will stock a large inventory so you do not have to compromise on your trailer choice. These businesses also can provide services that make the sale more efficient and less stressful, such as title registration and tag supply.

Check Physical Limitations

You need to know if the trailer you are considering can carry your particular boat, of course. First, check its length to ensure it will be long enough for your craft. Next, confirm its weight-carrying limit. Finally, inspect it for defects: Worn tires, faulty brake lights or rusty welds should be cause for concern.

A basic boat trailer can be an acceptable choice for your boating lifestyle. By doing just a bit of homework, you can be certain your trailer purchase will act as the perfect water buddy to your boat for years to come.