The Volkswagen Touran

The Volkswagen Touran is a normal looking but it possesses the qualities that automatically attract the passengers because of its spacious interior. Giant doors, high roofline and a huge sitting space make it the best buy for drivers.

The Volkswagen Touran has boot up-to 137 liters and seven seats and sometimes a van full of seven people and a huge luggage sometimes makes it difficult to adjust everything in place comfortably but if you change these 7 seats to 5 seats the boot space increases from 137 liters to 937 liters.

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This car has a huge fuel tank that makes it more preferable by drivers. It has approximately 1.6 litre diesel. In this way this car is economically friendly and easy to handle. Fill up the tank once  and then don’t worry about filing the tank every couple of hour. The huge tank will give you the relaxation of drive. Along with that the steering is easy to handle.  It does not feel like that you are handling a big van  but just a mini car.

This car might not give the style statement or a sporty look but it is the best and friendly family van. It adjusts a group of people and gives a comfortable ride. It was made on the vision of comfortable family traveling experience.

Style of Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Touran is considered as the simplest design amount all the new creations. stero, Car controls and ventilation system is at its perfect place, easy to handle and it does not look quirky and out of place like different other car brands.                                               Its VW system does look fascinating and well balanced. Its speedo meter looks plain yet stylish and is not centre mounted.

Many new car creations look exciting and adventurous from outside but from inside they look dead and unexciting but this is not the case with Volkswagen. Its interior consist of classy black steel and gray steel. This combination ultimately bright up the interior of the van and leave it looking classy and up-to date. The seats are made with the dark color fabric that increases the charm of the van and along with that it covers up all the minor stains and makes the van look a lot cleaner. Fabric of the van can be customized by the customer’s choice.

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