What You Can Expect from Ceramic Layer Coating

It is in the form of a liquid product that the ceramic treatment has offered you, a kind of varnish to be applied to the bodywork after having prepared the sheet. But we’ll come back to that in more detail. Rather expensive, small vials can be found between 30 and 60 euros.

There is also a second process which incorporates ceramic at a lower dosage

These are hybrid products that combine a little ceramic (SiO2) with polish, waxes or even soapy products. Here it is much easier to use and less risky in terms of the result because yes, a ceramic treatment can be missed and it is not easily recovered. The ceramic coating option is the best one there. The deals are perfect there and therefore you need to be specific now. There are ample options for ceramic coating and you need to choose the best deal.

Yes, absolutely and for most cars

The relative investment, although it can be high, makes purchasing a ceramic coating worthwhile in many ways. A ceramic allows you to save money in less than two months, especially if you are addicted to having a car that is always impeccable. Even a professionally made ceramic application is worth exploring if you have a high-end, passion, collector’s vehicle or if, quite simply, you don’t feel like you’re embarking on the adventure alone. We have made some calculations the investment in the installation of a ceramic is largely found in the intrinsic value of your vehicle.

All car owners who take care of their bodywork by protecting it with ceramic not only resell their car more easily and above all more expensive than those of “competitors”, the price is much less discussed when we present a shiny car without micro scratches. The exterior and interior condition of a car is a reflection of its level of maintenance.

  • Finally, the important thing is not to believe in the miracle product which will create a force field around the car to protect it from all possible and imaginable attacks. An application of ceramic has the effect of giving your car the effect of a recently waxed vehicle for years to come. It also makes it easier to remove dirt and protects your paint better than any wax, no matter how good and shiny it is.
  • Ceramic is also a phenomenal protection on rims, plastics, windows, headlights and even interior leathers. In fact, it’s so good that everyone who has tried it renews the operation every time they change cars.

Finally, it is important to know that we can guide you in making the right choice, depending on your vehicle, its condition and your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us.